Toast Of The Town: Plus Size

Toast Of The Town: Plus Size

Plus size maxi dress

Adidas trainers

Off white handbag


Vintage Fashionista: Plus Size

Vintage Fashionista: Plus Size

Rocker Causal: Plus Size

Rocker Causal: Plus Size

Amandine oversized sweater
$61 –

Love Moschino clutch
$170 –

Alexander McQueen gothic jewelry
$225 –

Circle necklace

Fedora hat

New Year’s Resolutions: 2018

• The ”New Year” is sometimes for personal growth or changing to become better. Most Resolutions are hard to stick with. Sometimes choosing personal development, self-love , and starting a positive lifestyle. Picking something, unrealistic can give problems to finishing goals. So chose wisely & pick goals, that will help you grow. It can be simple like turn off mobile devices at family dinner, stop texting while driving, learn a new skill, volunteer at homeless shelters & animal rescue. There’s so many positive things, people will follow. After they see its helping make a positive impact.

– Resolutions/Goals 2018-

1. Self-love

2. Having better relationships, with all of my family members.

3. No more pop/soda.

4. Read 18 books

5. Complete the 2nd, book in “Two Worlds Collide”trilogy or series series.

6. Lose weight for my health.

7. Try to work-out 1-2 times a week.

8. Blog everyday or week without excuses

9. Try to keep my room & house clean.

10. Start my own recipe book.

11. Stay Vegetarian.

12. Keep A positive mindset.

Hello Readers , please comment or share. Some of your own resolutions or goals for 2018. No matter what they are believe in yourself to reach your full potential.

Casual: Couple outfit

Casual: Couple outfit

Caslon ripped jeans

Lace-up boots

Dondup mens distressed jeans
$280 –

Mens trench coat
$39 –

25 Things About Me People Doesn’t Know

Hello Readers! Since tomorrow is my 25th Birthday. I’m making a list of 25 things people really don’t about me.

  1. I graduated highschool at 20 years old. [2013]
  2. I was bullied in school, also still bullied online currently.
  3. I wanted to become a make-up artist when I was 6.
  4. My older brother has always been my favorite sibling!
  5. I collect stuff animals! [ I have tons]
  6. I’m obsessed with boy band music!
  7. I have a learning disability in mathematics & language arts.
  8. I played the clarinet in band from 2003-2007 [ Band Geek]
  9. I support gay rights because I am Bisexual or pansexual [ Finally Coming Out]
  10. I studied fashion & graphic design in high school for special elective.
  11. I am a very unorganized & messy person.
  12. I secretly want to become a musician or actor.
  13. I have mumbling problem, I was in speech classes in 1st-3rd grade.
  14. I strongly dislike like the color hot pink!
  15. I remember every crush I’ve had since kindergarten.
  16. My favorite drink is actually Forest Gatorade.
  17. Loud talking or laughing makes me nervous.
  18. I was in choir from 2006-2007
  19. I have an obsession with flip flops.
  20. When my mom was alive, she gave me over 100 nicknames!
  21. I look like younger version of my sister.
  22. I have a dream catcher on my head board.
  23. I don’t wear jewelry that much.
  24. I actually like the outdoors.
  25. My parents spoiled,me because I was the youngest child. I think he regrets it now!