What Is Moonlightvintage Blog

So I have been getting a lot of spam sites. Saying this blog is a false company & I am a false journalist. This is to clear things up a bit. This is not a company it is a lifestyle, Food & mental health awareness, fashion, & beauty . Everything posted here is either about my mental health, life, recipes, helpful tips, fashion,beauty ect. I am not a false journalist either although I study journalism in high school. I was in the school news paper my senior year of high school.

I try to keep things authentic & true to who I am. What you see on the blog is who I truly am. Being Autistic I hide be hide walls of trust issues. It’s not right to be someone who are not online. That’s different from who you are in person.

Like I try my best blogging & getting out blog posts each week. It’s hard coming up with topics that you readers. Will enjoy reading or learning about. My articles are based off one person. That is me & my personal experiences. in life.

I am trying to understand and learn blogging as much as I can. It is my career now & I absolutely love it. Who doesn’t like working from home in their pjs. I mean it’s pretty sweet being in control of my own career & how I present myself to you guys.

I might be rough around the edges, but I am somewhat a likeable person. It’s hard making friends & commuting has helped me a lot. With my social skills & making new friends around the world. I’m planning on going to culinary school to help with my blogging recipes. It’s something I really want to do for myself.

It’s a back burner if blogging doesn’t work out very well. I also love cooking & baking a lot. Which I don’t get too bake that much, anymore now that my mom has passed. School will at least help me. Learn how present better recipes & food photographs.

Which I am going to do a just food blog. When I am in school because I can show you. What I have learned each week. I’m really looking forward to going to college Something I am ready to do now. I hope you have enjoyed my rant post about the spam websites & explaining what it is to those spam sites.

Much Love M


TV Show Review: The Good Doctor

I enjoyed the pilot episode. The way he was treated by the hospital staff. Can make me relate because of most people. Do not understand people with autism. Sometimes we are judged too quickly by others. This show will open employers eyes. Most of the autistic community is treated poorly in work-related situations. Just because their co-workers don’t understand ASD. We might seem different, they should be treated like everyone else employed. This show could really help people understand ASD when they get jobs.

I give this show 5/5 Stars.


Currently, I’m, working on Wattpad projects. Next week I’ll be starting the Autistic Spectrum Bloggers Community website make over. I’m looking for friends or fellow Autistics. To make guest appearances. Just contact me through Facebook. My Facebook page has message features. Each week I’ll be posting two guest spot, appearances one male & one female.

Both people will be sharing, their stories about their Autistic lifestyle. Then things about their hobbies and interests. That includes their blog or creative things. Like Drawing, Painting, Writing, graphic design, and sculptures. To share more awareness about the Autistic Community. That Autism makes us the creative people we are. We don’t need to change to fit Society.

They will be various topics. Spreading the experiences about the Autistic Community. That not every Autistic is same as everyone thinks. Hopefully, my readers will enjoy reading articles or interviews about each person. The people will be chosen at random. I hope to see you soon on Autistic Spectrum Bloggers Community!

Dating Tips: How To Date An Autistic

Well Hello Everyone. 

So today will be Discussing. The DOS and Donts, of dating someone on the Autistic sprecturm. It’s also Basic dating things. I’ve learned over the years being Autistic and Dating a fellow Autistic.

• Be Polite as possible while speaking. You don’t want to have harsh tone. They will think they did something wrong. 

• Always ask if something is wrong.Even if there isn’t anything wrong. Just ask them if anything is wrong. How their day is going and try to make them feel better.

• Help them learn to communicate. Most on the Autistic sprecturm is Socially Awkward. So help them try to communicate properly. So it’ll help the relationship grow more. 

• Spend time with them, when they have a nervous break down. Most Autistic have major Social Anxiety. Help comfort them in public, if they are having. Panic attacks and break downs. Show them you care about them and how they feel.

• Give Space when asked to. It’ll help sometimes when they feel sadden. Please check on them discreetly to make sure they are okay.

• Make Scarastic jokes they don’t understand. Sometimes Autistic sprecturm people. Do not understand Scarasm and will take them seriously. they understand the jokes sometimes Also don’t make fun of them. It really hurts their feelings but they won’t tell you.

• Pressure them into, things like dont. Feel like doing because they absolutely dislike that. Sometimes it’s nice to ,get out of you’re comfort zone but being pressured into. Things you dislike or do not want to take part in is you’re personal choice. Theirs too also because sometimes the don’t speak up.

• Make them feel ignored, by not seeing them, calling, texting or video chat. They may seem clingy to others. Deep down it just showing they really care about you. If they come off too strong and you ignore them they will be really hurt. So Remember Clingy isn’t always a bad thing. Honestly if you date someone clingy on the Spectrum. Showing affection is somewhat difficult for them. So be kind and get understand them.

• Make sexual advances, when asked politely not to. Autistics do not like to be pressured into to sex. Most of us are virgins and are very inexperienced in sex. So when they are ready for sex in relationship. They will tell they want further the relationship. It might take months to years. It all depends on how serious you’re relationship is. Also their comfort zone with you intimately.

I hope you enjoyed my post. 

Lots of Positive Vibes.